Peggy’s Rock Star ‘Do


Peggy is a girl who lives in the doll town, Daisy Hollow, and loves rocking out to music (she hopes to be onstage someday, herself. in a band). She loves coming up with fun styles for her hair. Here is her “rock star” look, as shown on Hope and Heather, below, and Peggy, above. It’s very easy and is best for dolls with short hair (like Kit dolls, #28, etc.) but can be done on longer lengths as well . Be sure to read all of the directions and look at the photos, first.

What You Need
*wire-wig brush
*small misting bottle of water
*8 hair elastics

Step 1: Mist the hair with water and gently brush it. Make three drop-braids on each side of the head and tie each off with an elastic.


Step 2: Take a bit of the hair on the left side (not counting the braids) and pull it back into a half-pigtail. Do the same for the right side. Tie each off with elastics.


You’re done 🙂 Now your doll has an easy, fun, funky hairdo. If you’d like, you can add cute clips to the braids.