Heidi Braids

This is a cute style for hot, summer days and also to keep hair out of the way, while doing chores. This style works best on dolls with long hair (such as Kirsten).

What You Need
*Wire-wig brush
*Small misting bottle of water
*Two hair ties
*A couple of bobby pins and/or hair clips.

Step 1: Carefully mist and brush your doll’s hair. Part her hair down the center, in the back. Make a braid down each side of her head, tying off the ends with the hair ties.

Step 2: Take one of the braids and lay it over the top of your doll’s head. Pin it in place with a bobby pin and/or hair clip.

Step 3: Next, take the other braid, and in front of the first braid, start to lay the braid on top of her head. When you get to the middle of her head, cross that braid, to the back of the other one. Secure with a bobby pin and/or hair clip.

Step 4: *Note: If your doll’s hair doesn’t cross all the way, secure the ends as best you can, with some hairclips, in back of her head.

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