Braid Within A Braid

Here is a cute little hairstyle that I saw in an American Girl catalog in 2015. It’s a simple style that involves a small braid woven into a slightly larger braid and is perfect for holidays and birthdays, or any day.

What You Need
*Wire-wig brush
*Small misting bottle of water
*Hair ties
*Small clip
*Optional: Another clip, ribbon, etc.


Step 1: Mist and brush your doll’s hair. Starting on one side, take a small section of hair and separate it. Braid the small section and secure it temporarily with a small clip or elastic.

Step 2: On the same side as the braid, take another section of hair (about double the one that you just braided) and split it into two sections. Using those sections and the small braid, make a new braid. Secure it at the end with an elastic (as you get toward the end, you can take the small clip/elastic off the first braid to make it easier to put the elastic on the larger braid).

Now that your Braid Within a Braid is finished, you can leave it like is or…

Step 3: If you’d like, you can repeat step 2 on the other side of your doll’s head. If you make a braid on each side and would like to, you can tie them together in the back. You can also add ribbons or other clips to the style, if you’d like.

Here is a video tutorial on how to make this Braid Within A Braid hairstyle.


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