Addy’s Crossed French Braids


This is my take on Addy’s BeForever Meet hairstyle. It’s very pretty for a day in town or a fancy party.

What You Need
*Wire-wig brush
*Small misting bottle of water

*Two small hairties
*Two matching ribbons


Step 1: Mist and brush out your doll’s hair. Make a french braid on each side of her head and tie off with the small hairties.

Step 2: Take one of the ribbons and put it around the right braid, over the hair tie-don’t tie it in a bow yet! Bring the braid behind your doll’s head and stick the end of the right braid under a small piece of the left braid, as shown. Finish tying a bow around the right braid (on the left side of the head).


Step 3: Next, repeat step 2 on the other side. Begin putting a ribbon around the end of the left braid, bringing it behind her head (cross over the right braid). Stick the end of the left braid under a small bit of the right braid and tie the bow around the left braid (on the right side of the head).

Once both braids are tied off with ribbons (it should look pretty close to the photo above), you’re done! Your doll can show off her lovely hairdo while she walks around town and attends the next elegant party.

Note: If you’d like, you can start with the left braid first and cross the right braid over it.


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