A New Voyage (Part 2 o’ th’ Red Star Saga)


Nicki and Marina were hanging out at the library, wondering what to do about Talk Like a Pirate Day 2008. “I’m out of ideas,” sighed Nicki.


Felicity, who had been on a walk, decided to see who was at the library. She spotted her friends and sat down next to them. “What is going on? Lessons were such a bore today and the weather is so nice that I just had to get outside for a bit.”


“We’re trying to think of something to do to celebrate this year’s Talk Like a Pirate Day,” Marina explained.


A minute later, Megan came over to the girls with some dresses. “I overheard you guys and thought you might need these. Whenever me, Rose and Rosalind go on adventures, we find it best to dress the part. If you’re going to Arabia, for example, dress like a princess there.”


Felicity threw up her arms in protest, “Hey, those are mine!”


“Oh, Lissie, let them borrow your outfits. It’s the closest thing to what women like Elizabeth Swann wore, in Pirates of the Caribbean.”


Felicity grumbled but agreed. She told Marina and Nicki not to get her clothes too dirty and that she had to get back to her house to help cook dinner.


“I’ve got to go, too, guys,” replied Megan, “I’ve got some homework to finish and I really shouldn’t be out like this-I’m in my nightgown!”


Nicki giggled, “thanks.” she said.


After Nicki and Marina changed into their lass dresses, they went for a walk.


“I wonder where this adventure will take us,” said Nicki.


“Who know, but I think we have to imagine really hard!” Both girls closed their eyes…


…and opened them. “Where are we?”


Just then, Nicki heard a rustling in the trees. “What was that?”


They looked over and saw a pirate coming out of the woods.


“Ahoy, “I be Captain Mischa Jolly Skulls. An’ who might ye lasses be?”


“I be Marina an’ this be Nicki. We…want t’ be pirates and go on an adventure!”


“Ye want t’ be sea dogs? Well, in order t’ be sea dogs ye must sword swashbuckle! Commandeer a ship an’ find some booty! Also, ye canna be pirates without pirate names! Hmmm, we`ll call ye…” Captain Mischa pointed to Marina, “…Bonny Marina, Wench o’ th’ Sea. An’ ye…be Dirty Nicki.” Th’ girls looked at each other and then at Capt. Mischa.


“But-I be nay a wench!” protested Marina.


An’ I be nay dirty!” Nicki repiied, sounding offended.


Captain Mischa said, “Take `em or leave `em.”


“Come on, lasses. Fall in line. First we comandeer a ship!”


Sailing the sea was none other than Captain Hallie the Kidd and First Mate Kaya Flint.


“We`re sailin’ th’ ocean blue!!!! Like gentleman o’ fortunes do!!!!!” sang Hallie.


Kaya looked out when they reached land. “Look! Thar be some swashbucklers o’er yonder. We ortin’ ta swashbuckle them!”


Captain Mischa stood her ground, after she read the ship’s name. “That`s Th’ Infamous Red Star, captained by Hallie th’ Kidd.”


“Th’ Red Star? I think I`ve heard o’ ‘t.” whispered Marina.


“O’ course. Sea dogs an’ land lubbers has heard o’ th’ Red Star.” Captain Mischa replied.


“We`ve come t’ comandeer yer ship!” Capt. Mischa Jolly Skulls turned to Bonny Marina. “Ye get t’ sword swashbuckle First Mate Kaya.”


“But I dasn’t know how t’ sword swashbuckle-an’ ‘t sounds dangerous!”


“Th’ thin’ t’ reckon be th’ insults. Insults add t’ injury!” Capt. Mischa gave Bonny Marina her sword and shoved her forward.


Bonny Marina and Kaya Flint fought with all their might. “Reckon th’ insults!” whispered Capt. Mischa.


“I be nay goin’ t’ take yer insolence sittin’ down!”, shouted Kaya.


“Yer hemorrhoids be flarin’ up again, eh?” answered Bonny Marina.


“I’ve spoken with apes more polite then you.” said Kaya.


Marina responded, “I’m glad to hear you attended your family reunion. ”


First Mate Kaya tried one more, “I’ve got a long, sharp lesson for you you to learn today.”


Bonny Marina answered confidently, “And I’ve got a little TIP for you. Get the POINT?”


And Kaya was down. Bonny Marina won the fight.


“Get up Kaya! We be havin’ nay been defeated yet!”, yelled Capt. Hallie.


Kaya got up.


Capt Mischa stepped forward. “How about we co-captain this here ship an’ me mateys join yer crew?”


Capt. Hallie thought a moment “All starboard.”


They all climbed aboard the Red Star and set sail.


The crew sailed the ocean again, until they came to land.


Captain Mischa looked out over the ship, “Uh oh. I be smellin’ trouble up ahead.”


Captain Hallie peered out over the ship, too, “`Tis th’ dreaded Barbie sea dogs!”


“Barbie sea dogs?”


The Barbie pirates were standing their ground, looking ready for battle. Behind them was their prized treasure.


“These wenches be havin’ a booty that ever’ sea dog wants fer herself. They ortin’t be hard t’ defeat so, ye-Dirty Nicki-will swashbuckle this battle!”


“Aye, I think I can take them on,” said Dirty Nicki, although she wasn’t quite sure of herself.



“Avast! Put up yer sword!” shouted Dirty Nicki when she was standing right in front of one of the Barbie pirates.


“Yeah…we don’t have swords.”


“So we won`t be fightin’. However, th’ International Barbie robots will!”


And the two Barbie pirate leaders ran off, abandoning their treasure and the International Barbie Robots.


“Avast!” yelled Dirty Nicki again, raising her sword.


The German Barbie robot was ready.


She lept forward and pushed Dirty Nicki backward, attacking her. Dirty Nicki’s sword fell. “Oh no! Th’ sword!”


Captain Mischa Jolly Skulls was the only one paying attention to the swordfight. “Oh dear, Dirty Nicki`s in trouble. I`d better go save th’ lass’ an’ finish this swashbuckle.”



“Oh aye! Who`s th’ buccanneer? Who`s th’ buccanneer?” Captain Mischa danced.


“Captain Mischa-behind ye!”


Captain Mischa turned around, sword at the ready. She attacked and defeated the Irish Barbie robot and saved the day!


“Hip hip hooray! Captain Mischa be th’ best sea dog in all th’ seas.” chanted Captain Hallie the Kidd, First Mate Kaya Flint and Bonny Marina-Wench of the Sea!


“We best be takin` this booty t’ th’ ship,” exclaimed Captain Mischa. She and Dirty Nicki headed to the Red Star with their treasure.


Once the treasure was opened, everyone saw what was within. Capt. Hallie squealed as she took out her beloved grog.



And the lasses once again sailed the sea, in search of their next adventure.


Hallie woke up from her nap.


She turned onto her back and sighed, “That was the best dream ever!”


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