Shipwrecked (Part 3 o’ th’ Red Star Saga)

The crew of the Red Star had been sailing the high seas for two weeks. Hungry and wanting land, they turned to telling stories and singing to pass the time.

“When I was a wee lass,” one would say, “methinks me knew I wanted ter be a sea dog.”


After awhile, the crew grew restless, until at last they felt their ship crash into something.

“What was that?” asked Bonny Marina, Wench o’ th’ Sea.

“We hit somethin'” called Captain Hallie the Kidd.

Captain Mischa Jolly Skulls made her way to the front of the ship.

“Looks like we hit land. An’ ‘t tookst a beatin’ t’ our ship.”

“What?” asked First Mate Kaya Flint and Dirty Nicki at the same time.

“I means, th’ ship tookst a beatin’ t’ th` land,” Captain Mischa corrected. “We be campin’ here t’night, methinks.”

The pirate lasses climbed off the Red Star and split up, according to their captains’ orders, to search for food and make camp.

The next morning, Captain Mischa awoke early, to search out the island they landed on.

She walked quite a way until she came upon some small characters. Captain Mischa made her presence known; the leader of the group, Captain Mini Josefina Swashbuckle, gathered her group and approached Captain Mischa.

“How be ye, fine sea dogs? My crew an’ I seem t’ been stranded on yer isle, arrr, this past tide. Might ye be able t’ help us? I be Captain Mischa Jolly Skulls.”

Captain Mini Josefina Swashbuckle introduced her crew as the Mini Lass Scallywags. “We mighten help ye if ye help us. Thar be some evil sea dogs tryin` ter take o’er this here isle, arrr. They be plannin` a swashbuckle tonight. Our crew be weak against them, alone, but ye would be a great help t` us. If ye help us swordfight, we will help ye rebuild yer ship. Do we be havin’ an accord?”

Captain Mischa agreed to help the Mini Lass Scallywags and they agreed to help rebuild the Red Star, in return. There was also a treasure for defeating the Nutcracker Sea Dogs of Doom.

Later that night, both crews got together to fight. They were face to face with the Nuctracker Sea Dogs of Doom.

Dirty Nicki turned to Bonny Marina, “I still be nay knowing how to swashbuckle.”

“Swingin’ a sword ain’t importan’; jus’ remember yer come-backs,” Bonny Marina whispered.

The Nutcracker Sea Dogs put up a good swashbuckle. They were strong but the crew of the Red Star knew they could win.

Not liking what was going on, Mini lass Elizabeth ran away from the scene, yelling “I be too pretty t’ swashbuckle!”

One of the Nuctracker Sea Dogs knocked Bonny Marina down, “Dirty, Nicki, help!”

Dirty Nicki raised her sword in defense. The Nutcracker Sea Dog threw Dirty Nicki an insult, to which she quickly thought up the perfect come-back. That was all it took for the Nutcracker Sea Dog to lose the battle. Dirty Nicki helped Bonny Marina up. Meanwhile, First Mate Kaya, along with Mini Lass Nellie, was tending to the other Mini Lasses.

Captain Hallie ran after the biggest Nutcracker Sea Dog of Doom, the leader. As Captain Mischa ran to get him, she tripped. “Captain Hallie the Kidd, here!” she yelled as she threw her sword up into the air.

Captain Hallie jumped up, grabbed the sword perfectly and ended the swashbuckling.

With the Nuctracker Sea Dogs of Doom defeated, the Mini Lasses and the crew of the Red Star could relax. The Red Star lasses helped carry the mini lasses and tended a couple of small wounds. Once rested, they all celebrated. Then the Mini Lasses got together and rebuilt the Red Star.

Captain Mini Josefina Swashbuckle and Mini Lass Samantha presented a treasure to Captain Mischa and Captain Hallie, for saving their island.

“Here be a great booty o’ ours, fer ye t’ reckon us by.” Captain Mini Josefina said, holding a figurine of the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow, “He lived on this isle, arrr a short time.”

“Thank ye” replied Captain Mischa, taking the figurine. Captain Hallie agreed; she was in heaven, just by drinking her favorite-grog!

With the Red Star back to it’s glory, it’s crew said goodbye to the Mini Lass Scallywags and climbed aboard.  And the pirate lasses sailed the sea once again. wrote Marina as the girls sat together on Talk Like a Pirate Day, thinking about the latest adventure they just dreamed up.

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