A Sea-farin’ Adventure


Arrr, mateys, I be havin’ made a photo story o’ Kaya an’ Hallie`s adventure at sea fer. So, enjoy!

Sleeping peacefully, Kaya lay in her bed. She still had about two hours until she had to be up for her lessons for the day.

Hallie, already dressed for International Talk Like a Pirate Day 2007 (Sept. 19th), climbed onto the foot of Kaya’s bed and whispered, “Kaya, wake up!” Kaya did not stir so Hallie said again, almost at a yell, “Kaya, wake up!”


Kaya groggily woke up, saw Hallie starin’ at her and shot up in bed quickly. “What is it?” she asked. Hallie answered excitedly, bouncing up and down, “‘Tis International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Get up! We be havin’ a sea-farin` adventure ahead o’ us!”


“Well why didna ye tell me earlier?! I`ve still got t’ make me hat!” Kaya exclaimed jumping out of bed. She gathered a blue piece of paper and sat down on the floor to make a pirate hat like the one Hallie was wearing.


No pirate hat is complete without a jollyroger (the skull and crossbones).


Putting on her hat, Kaya turned to Captain Hallie the Kidd and asked in her perfect pirate talk, “So, ‘ere`s th’ boat?”


Hallie pointed, “o’er thar!” She ran over to the ship the pirate lasses were to be sailing to sea. Captain Hallie climbed in first and First Mate Kaya followed suit. They were sailing on The Red Star.


The pirate lasses sailed along the sea toward Sri Lanka. It was quite a ways away however. So they sailed.


and sailed…


…and sailed some more…Finally they reached land. Hallie looked over the edge of the Red Star and she gasped. Kaya looked too.


“Oh nay! Thar be Sri Lanken Penguin Scaliwags o’er thar!” shouted First Mate Kaya. Hallie bravely climbed out of the ship. Kaya climbed out, too. They wouldn’t let the Sri Lanken Penguin Pirates commandeer their ship.


The leader of the Sri Lanken Penguin Pirates stepped forward. “We`ve come t’ steal yer ship, Captain Hallie th’ Kidd! We`re goin’ t’ steal ye first mate lass, too!” he said with force.


“What?” Kaya threw up her hands, “I be nay comin’ wi’ ye!” “Aye,” agreed Captain Hallie, “Avast! We swashbuckle by swords!” Hallie grabbed a sword from the ship and threw the other to Kaya. The Penguin Pirates grabbed a couple of their own swords, everyone advanced, shouting “Avast!” and they all began sword fighting!


Hallie took on the medium Penguin Pirate, who shouted, “I`ve been carin’ fer a pig smarter than ye!” Hallie replied, “Well, th’ way ye swashbuckle, he must`ve taught ye everythin’ ye know!”


After awhile of fighting and tossing insults back and forth, Captain Hallie the Kidd and First Mate Kaya Flint won the battle! They hogtied the larger two Sri Lanken Penguin Pirates and and tookst them into the’r ship. They also took the Penguin Pirate leader and sailed out into the middle of the sea, then made him walk the plank first!


The Pirate lasses cheered as they watched the other two Penguin Pirates, still hogtied, walk the plank. “Yeah, woo! We won! Be seein’ ya, ya scummy scaliwags!” the lasses shouted!


The lasses again set sail. Kaya decided to wash the poop deck, while Captain Hallie relaxed.


Soon Kaya looked up and shouted, “Arrr, land do be ahead!” The lasses had found a deserted island. So they anchored ship and set off exploring. Hallie saw a small patch of sand and dirt away from the edge of the sea and said, “Do ye think thar`s any booty (treasure) here?”


There’s only one way to find out, Kaya said, going back to the Red Star for some shovels. She tossed one to Captain Hallie the Kidd, who began digging right away.


Kaya dug hard into the sand and dirt, too. They dug a deep whole until Kaya shreaked, “I think I`ve found somethin’!”


Kaya got down on the ground and pulled up a treasure chest with a bottle on top of it. The lasses covered the hole and sat down to see the treasure.


Captain Hallie snatched the bottle and began drinking from it, “Arrr, ’tis grog! Yum!”


“Captain Hallie, be all ye care about some grog? What about th’ booty we jus’ dug up?” asked First Mate Kaya Flint. Captain Hallie looked at Kaya, “You open ‘t!” So Kaya opened the treasure and the lasses peered into it.


Kaya picked up a piece of Inca Silver and shouted, “Arrr, we be rich!”


Hallie chimed in, “We`re rich an’ we be havin’ grog all around!”


After celebrating their find, Captain Hallie the Kidd and First Mate Kaya Flint grabbed their treasure and the shovels and the grog and sailed off into the sea once again.


They returned to reality to a pile of homework and letters awating to be filled out and replied to.


Kaya looked up at Hallie and explained, “This has been an awesome Talk Like a Pirate Day!” “Yeah,” Hallie agreed, “we had a grand adventure today, me first mate!


Kaya smiled and began her letter to Felicity. She couldn’t wait to tell all of her friends back home in Star Valley the adventure she and Hallie had in their dorm at Pleasantburg.


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