Star Wand


This star wand makes a nice accessory for a doll costume or just for play.


*What You Need*
*Craft stick
*wooden star, about 1.5″
*Two colors of acryllic paint
*Glitter acryllic paint
*Paintbrush and a cup of water (to clean the paintbrush off)
*tacky glue
*modpodge (optional)
*Waxpaper and newspaper to cover your work surface

Step 1: Paint the craft stick, (paint one side at a time and let dry after painting each side).


Step 2 (optional): Cover the craft stick with a thin layer of modpodge, brushing on one side, letting dry, then brushing on the other side. (*Note: with the modpodge coating, the wand may stick to paper a bit, so it might be best to store it in a small plastic snack bag).


Step 3: With another color of paint, paint one side of a wooden star, let dry, paint the other side and let dry.


Step 4: Paint over the star with the glitter paint (letting each side dry, after painting), to add sparkle to your wand.


Step 5:Once the craft stick and star are both dry, put a dab of glue on the craft stick, near the end on one flat side. Press the craft stick to one side of the star and hold together for a minute.

Once the glue has dried, the wand is done! Your doll or stuffed animal can use it for her/his costume or for a magic show. It also makes a cute party favor for your doll’s friends or your own friends!


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