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Past Updates l To Do List

Sept. 27th, 2019: Happy Fall and Happy almost-October! Blondie has been adopted :).

October 8th, 2018: Updated the Links page; added some new sites and removed some broken links.

Sept. 6th, 2018: Hey guys! It's been about a year since I last updated-yikes! I didn't mean for it to take so long, however not only have things been rather quiet on the petz front, I've also been dealing with some personal issues that I'm trying to work on (with help) in order to try to get to a better place mentally and emotionally; thus I haven't had much motivation to update my websites. That said, even if updates have wide gaps at times, I am still here and have no plans on closing this site anytime soon. Today's updates are that I have finally put up a new layout and Wave has been adopted! There are still lots of petz up for adoption in both the Adoptions section and on the Grab-Bag page in the Fun section. There are still show spots open as well so come adopt some cute petz and enter your petz into some shows!