My Petz

*My Dogz*

Adobe (Elf's Adobe Photoshop Deluxe)
Male Dachshund
11 pts.

Female Wolf

Male Wolf

Bartholomew; adopted from SWSK
Male Lab

Male Mutt

Blackie (Elf's Black Angel)
Female Labrador
*named and painted after my petz 2 lab.

Burnin; adopted from Silvertoo
Female mix

Classy;adopted from CC&BB
Female mix

Collette; adopted from Smoosh
Female Mix

Darla; adopted from Mieux
Female Dali Mix

Dasha; adopted from Silvertoo
Female scottie

Even (FH/Elfland's Evening Rain); adopted from Filthy Hippie
Female, Hexed

Male Norwegian Elkhound

Female poodle

Garland; Holiday gift from Petz Playland
Female dali mix

Jareth; adopted from Petz Playland
Male dali mix

KC; adopted from Reverie
Male Lab Mix

Moon-Lit; adopted from December
Male Great Dane/Dali Mix

Patsy; adopted from SWSK
Female Lab Mix

Prince (Elf's Royalty)
Male Dalmation
*Named after my petz 2 dali.

Female labrador and dalmation mix; daughter of Blackie and Prince.

Sirius (Harvest's/Elf's Prisoner of Azkaban); adoped from Scribble @ Harvest
Male Great Dane mix
7 pts.

Sissy; adopted from SWSK
Female Dali Mix

Spangles; adopted from Orca
Female Dali

Male Wolf

Female, dali mix

Female Swedish White Elkhound

Female scottie

Tana (WTF's/Elfland's Chocolate Cherry Cupcake); adopted from WTF
Female Dali

Whip; adopted from Mieux
Female Mix

Will; adopted from Orca
Male poodle mix

*My Catz*

Name: Lynx (Elf's Star of Wonder)
Male tabby
7 pts.

Female Chinchilla Persian

Blue (Elf's Blue Velvet)
Female Russian Blue
7 pts

Ginny (LTL's/Elf's Bat Hogey Hex); adopted from Wolfist @ Longer Than Life
Female Calico mix

Tear (Caprice's/Elf's Teardrops on my Guitar); adopted from Kiwi @ Capricious
Female calico mix
2 pts

Female Chinchilla Persian and Tabby mix; daughter of Fluffy and Lynx

female calico; imported from Petz II.

Male chinchilla persian and tabby mix; son of Fluffy and Lynx.

Male B&W shorthair; imported from petz II.

Male Chinchilla Persian

Female Tonkinese

Moustache; daughter of Lynx and Blue
Female Tabby/Russian Blue mix

Shadow5; from the 2008 RKC Easter Swap
Male Alley Cat Mix

Snow white
Female Calico/Tabby Mix

Brock; from the 2008 RKC Easter Swap
Male B&W Shorthair

Female Chinchilla Persian; Imported from Petz II

Spook (BCC/Elfland's Spooktacular Gentleman); adopted from Blues Cat Cattery
Male Hexed Russian Blue
6 pts

Holly; holiday gift from Petz Playland

Nye; a party-favor gift I gave to my sisters
Male Siamese Mix

Smoke; adopted from No-Milk

*My Pig*

Female Pig

*Show Awards*

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