Hello! Welcome to Elfland Woods Kennelz & Cattery (Elfland Woods or EWKC for short)! Elfland Woods was originally opened 2001-2004 and after a wicked long hiatus, we reopened on Jan. 28th, 2008! First of all, this is a site dedicated to Petz 4. Don't know what Petz are? Why then, click here. As you can see this layout is Vs. 26: Candy Corn Craze. Sirius (adopted from Harvest, left) and Encourage (adopted from Moonflower, right) are enjoying dressing up for Halloween and trick or treating! (Clicking the name takes you back to this page).

*My Sweet Sisters*

Abby * Alena * Celia

Jess * Kel


Petz Top 100 l Petz Top 25 l 3BM's Top 10 l Rowan's Top 100

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