Here are a couple of find-its for you. Once you have found one of the items, click on it. You'll be taken to a new page that will have an award on it for you to put up on your petz site (or print out if you don't have a petz site). Just right-click and save it to your computer/upload to your own server.

#1: Lynx's Favorite Ball

Oh no! Lynx was playing with his favorite ball when Piggy came in and started a friendly fight. So the ball rolled away from Lynx. Piggy ran for the ball and took off with it. But where did he hide it? Can you help Lynx find his favorite ball? He'd be ever so grateful! Good luck!

#2: Storm's Beach shovel

Sirius and Storm were having a nice day at the beach when Sirius decided to have a little fun and take Storm's shovel and hide it. Storm has been looking all over the site to find her shovel, so she can build some sand castles. She would very much appreciate it if you could help her find the shovel. Happy searching!

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