Awww, you want to leave? Well, we hope you'll come back soon! Here are some of my other sites and some of my favorite Petz sites for you to check out!

*My Other Sites*

Cherished Playtime-it's about my personal doll/stuffed animal collection and has updates on my little doll town, doll crafts, photo stories and more!).

My Youtube Videos

(mostly stop-frames using starring dolls but worth a look!)

Want to be a sister site with us? Just email me with your first name, Website's name, Website's URL and your email-put the subject as Sister Sites. Then I'll email you with my site's info and we can link to each other's sites :)

*Cool Petz Sites*
Artemis Petz
Corrupted Kibbles
Kasual Kennels
Litterz Factory
Lucky Penny Kennels
Lunar Oasis
Mockingham Place
Mutty Paws
Petal Dust Petz
Pine Cone Cattery
Power House
RKC Petz Forum

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*Link To Me*

Would you like to link to my site? It's easy. Just copy and paste my URL ( and add it to your links page. We even have banners, if you'd like to use one (just right-click to save the image to your computer and then upload to your own server.)

*Sisters that have closed/not updated in a long time*

Addie @ Epiphany ~Bloss @ Shockhorror ~Sandy @ Mixxed ~ Veno @ Magonda ~ Kara @ Petz Pizzazz ~Danni @ Mousecatchers ~Quibble@ Lysdexia > ~ Chelsea @ 3 Blond Mice ~Jenn @ Fancy Puppys ~ Rylee @ Petz Dreamz ~ Lauren @ Olde Hickory ~Kiwi @ Capricious ~ Emma @ Labz Galore ~ Chelle @ Stumbled ~ Anita @ Pixi Myst ~Chelsea @ Pastry ~ Shlee @ Audacity ~ Claire @ Petz Labyrinth ~Abby @ Orca

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