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This clique is for anyone, like me, who is a fan of American Girl dolls. Whether you liked them as a kid, or still do now; are into the American Girls Collection of historical dolls/characters, the AGs of Today/Just Like You, the Girls of the Year or even Bitty Baby, display your love of American Girl dolls with one (or more) of these lovely icons, featuring my own dolls. Just right-click save as and upload it to your own server-be sure to link back to me ( After all, you're never too old to play with or collect dolls :)

If you'd like to be added to the list of fellow AG fans, just fill out the simple form below and email me. Please put the subject as "AG Clique."

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AG Fans
Melissa @ Elfland Woods

Old School

Did you ever own a petz site anywhere between 1998 (or earlier?) and 2003? If so, you owned an "Old School" Petz site. Display your Old-Schoolness proudly as you reminisce about the olden days of Petz websites: remember when having many pages was common? It wasn't just adoptions, shows and links to other sites; there were find-its, graphics for others, contests, games...a time when everyone had a Win-An-Award page and showed off the many awards they won. Remember when you were just learning html and your layouts were-well, embarrassing by today's standards. Remember all of those classic sites you visited often and became sisters with. Remember when one-word names weren't very common yet "Kennelz and Cattery" in the name was? If you owned one of these old-school sites, this clique is for you!
Just right-click save as and upload to your own server, whichever of the clicque icons you want and link back to

If you'd like, you may also email me (subject= "old school clique") with the following and I'll add you to a list of Old School Petz site owners:

The Form

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*your most popular Old-School site's name and the year it opened

Old Schoolers in the PC
Melissa @ Elfland Woods (Melissa's Petz Page/Elfland Woods K&C-2000)
Chelsea @ 3BM (Sunset Kennelz 3/4; originally Sunset Kennelz-1997)
Emma @ Labz Galore (Labz Galore-2000)

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