About Me and My Cats


Well, what can I say about myself? First of all, my name is Melissa. I'm a young adult and I'm a December girl. I graduated college with a BA in Communication (basically film) and Theatre Arts. I'm usually pretty quiet and reserved; sometimes it takes me a little bit to "warm up" to new people and new surroundings. Sometimes if I get to talking about something I love, it's hard to stop. I can be random and I tend to talk to inanimate objects, usually yelling at my laptop to stop being evil, lol. I am also a Girl Scout volunteer. One of my dreams is to someday act professionally, although, I am not good at auditioning; and another dream of mine is to someday have at least one of my stories published into a book.

Some hobbies I have are: collecting and playing with my dolls (Mostly American Girl and Magic Attic Club) and stuffed animals; making crafts; working on my websites; making films with friends; acting; singing; reading; writing; roleplaying; hanging out with friends; photography; and baking.

My Favorite Things: cheesecake, brownies, owls, wolves, tigers, carousel horses, my cats, my dolls, my petz, David Bowie, Pirates of the Caribbean, Labyrinth, Harry Potter, Lizzie McGuire, Nestor the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey, Halloween, Christmas, my birthday...

A picture

*My Cats*


I got Clara from a co-worker, in Aug. 2008, after she had told us that her cat had kittens. I really wanted one of them and asked my mom; she was hesitant at first but then agreed. I named Clara after the the main character in The Light and the Piazza because I wanted her name to connect to my summer interning at the playhouse and that was the play running, when the kittens were born. Clara is also the main character in The Nutcracker-my favorite ballet! Clara is a cute little torbie who loves to bite and run around and purr.


In January 2010, I got Sophie, through a friend's co-worker. Sophie has some siamese in her. She loves to purr and play.

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