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Cornelia Florence Edwards

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Cornelia grew up attending a prestigious school as a girl. She is an accomplished pianist and dancer. Cornelia believes in some new-fangled ideas such as women being allowed to vote. She is the headmistress/teacher of Primrose Academy for Young Ladies, the private school in Star Valley. She also is the co-owner of the Raspberry Flummery Cafe, with Ms. Merriman, and is the dance teacher. In her spare time, Cornelia likes to knit, sew, play the piano, travel and cook. She also enjoys spending time with her large family.

Samantha Noelle Parkington- age 9

 photo samanthaavvie12.jpg

Samantha arrived in Star Valley in December 2008, to the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season. She is generally a quiet and polite girl, although she can sometimes get out of line by climbing trees, getting back at others if they tease her or her friends, or speaking out of turn. Sam believes in speaking up and fighting for what you believe in. She looks up to older friends and the adults in her life. Samantha attends a private school, Primrose Academy For Young Ladies. In her free time, Samantha loves making crafts (especially holiday decorations and valentines), practicing the piano, learning to bake, and playing outside, climbing and showing the boys that girls can do just about anything boys can do.

Aduke "Addy" Walker- age 10

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Addy came to Star Valley just as the year 2008 was about to begin. She lives the life of 1865 Philadelphia and likes gardening and drawing. Addy also loves to read and tries her hardest in school. She is always ready to learn something new. Addy's favorite color is berry and she loves learning about history. She's a sweet, courageous girl who likes to begin each new day with a big smile on her face.

Isabel Jane King- age 9

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Isabel-or Izzy as she prefers (much to her cousin's dislike), is a sweet nine year old girl who is usually quiet and reserved. Before she moved to Star Valley, she lived in Prince Edward Island, Canada and went to school in a one-room schoolhouse there. Her fashionable, gossipy cousin, Eliza, did not think Isabel should be in a school like that and enrolled her into Primrose Academy For Young Ladies. Izzy loves to climb trees and play. She likes having tea parties with her dolls and stuffed animals. Izzy likes drawing and sewing and she also loves to read and write. Light pink and indigo are her favorite colors and she loves dragonflies.

Rachel Annabeth Pitt- age 7

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Rachel came to live with her Aunt Cornelia and Uncle Gard, in October 2010, after the unfortunate passing of her father, Cornelia's brother. She never knew her mother, who died when Rachel was born. Rachel is a shy, sweet girl who, like Samantha, loves making crafts and baking. Her favorite holiday is Christmas; she loves everything about it from the pretty snow to singing carols to the glow of the Christmas tree. Rachel loves going for walks and reading poems. She is a daydreamer, often thinking up cute little stories.

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About The Dolls

Samantha: After hearing about Samantha's archival, in September 2008, I asked for her for Christmas, from my dad. When I was younger, Samantha had been my third favorite historical American Girl doll, right behind Felicity and Kirsten. I loved her collection and pretty dresses. She is a pretty doll who lives in Edwardian times with a Victorian upbringing. My favorite Samantha book is probably Samantha Saves the Day. I like her visiting Piney Point and having a fun summer there, with her family and Agnes and Agatha. Her school and Christmas books are also two of my favorite of her books.

Rachel: I won Rachel off ebay, in September 2010. I think ourdolls.net's Rachel is so pretty and had been wanting one of my own for awhile. At first I debated her being a little sister for my MAC Heather, however, when she arrived, I instantly knew she was going to live with my Samantha's family and that her favorite holiday was Christmas. Rachel is a very pretty doll and ties with Carolyn (fka Madeleine) as my favorite My Twinn Cuddly sister.

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