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Christmas Coal
 photo coal_cookies016640x427.jpg

Is your doll on the Naughty List this Christmas? If so then she may end up getting coal in her stocking, from Santa. Here is a tutorial on how to make your own doll-sized coal out of polymer clay.

What You Need
Black Sculpey or FIMO polymer clay
*Wax or parchment paper
*Cookie sheet
*Adult supervision

Step 1: Lay out some wax paper or parchment paper to cover your work surface. Take your black sculpey and knead it for a couple of minutes.

 photo coal_cookies001640x427.jpg

Step 2: Break off a small chunk of the sculpey and soften any sharp edges with your fingers. Repeat this step to make lots more coal. Make some pieces a little bigger than others.

 photo coal_cookies002640x427.jpg

Step 3: Place the sculpey coal on the cookie sheet and, with adult supervision, bake the sculpey according to the package directions.

 photo coal_cookies015640x427.jpg

Step 4: Once the sculpey coal is done baking and has cooled, you now have some coal to put in your doll's Christmas stocking if she has been bad this year (and be sure to remind her that even coal can turn to diamonds.)

 photo coal_cookies024sm.jpg

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